Batam official threatens to cut PNG supply to Singapore JAKARTA, May 06, 2008 (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) The regional Indonesian assembly of Batam threatens to block the gas flow pipes from ConocoPhilips via Batam to Singapore unless Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) normalizes gas supply to the industrial island. "We and the people of Batam will block gas flow to Singapore," a regional assembly leader Batam Ruslan Kasbulatov said. Ruslan said the state-owned gas distributor has increased supply to Singapore at the expense of supply to Batam. "As an Indonesian state company PGN should give priority to Batam instead of Singapore," he said. I copied the above article from a post in Sammyboy.com. This is the kind of tribal mentality that still exists in our neighbouring countries. They do not know how it will affect foreign investments/doing business in their countries when investors cannot find confidence and consistency in their application of the rule of law. This is the kind of fear for investors in the Johore IDR. Any time they can mess up whatever business agreements when they want to appease domestic politics. They just cannot separate business interests and considerations from politics. Who would dare to do business with them? And they will say, 'Don't invest don't invest lah.'

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