Please come forward if you need help

Don't be shy, don't feel ashame. If you are a failure, if you cannot look after your family, or you have no money to pay for the housing mortgage, it is alright. You are just a useless bum and admit it. But we will help you. We will help you. You see, we are so helpful, so caring and so generous. There are several types of people who will come forward to seek help. The really desperate when there is no more rice in the rice container and no money to pay for the bills. Then there will be the professional tricksters and those who live by charity. But there is a big group of people who needs help but will not come forward. People who blow their trumpets loudly calling others to come forward to beg for charity are quite senseless and very insensitive to how other downtrodden beans feel. They think that they are inviting these people to a party. Even if the desperadoes brave themselves to walk into that door, they better bring all the proof and documentations to please the person sitting across the table. For that person will have no qualms to strip him naked to see if he is deserving. A man that goes on his knees for charity is a broken man. And so were his family. It is a terrible feeling of despair and helplessness. Don't ever think it is damn great to shout for people to come forward for help. The system is failing when so many people need help. A sound system is one that prevents people from getting into desperate situation, that make sure that people can live with some dignity and get by with their lives on their own. Our system is stinking despite the wealth that we have created when people are told not to be ashamed to ask for charity.

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