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Celebrating the Civil Service

The Civil Service as an entity deserves special mention as the backbone that holds Singapore together as a nation. Not only that the Civil Service is the storehouse of talents, not many in Parliament can match the academic and intellectual talents of the civil servants, it is also the longest, continuous surviving organisation in the history of Singapore. Political masters and politicians come and go, the Civil Service will stay and continue to serve the people, through the politicians. Without the Civil Service, the politicians will be more like a bunch of magicians pulling white rabbits from a hat. It will simply be magic for a show. It is the civil servants that turn magic into reality. What is important and vital for Singapore is for a Civil Service to remain politically neutral, not beholden to anyone or political party, to do what it should do, as the non political govt organisation, looking after and managing the country's affair. An independent Civil Service shall be there to provide the continuity of govt as govt will change overtime. And it is this independence of people and mind and purpose that will ensure its legitimacy and continued existence, traversing different govts. A Civil Service that has compromised its independence and neutrality will only see to its own demise whenever there is a change of govt. Singapore should count itself lucky to have maintained the Civil Service as an independent institution of govt, uncorrupted by politicians and the swing of political powers. The sanctity and independence of the Civil Service must be protected and the tradition preserved for the long term viability not only of the Civil Service/Servants but also of the nation.


Anonymous said...

You are talking rubbish again Redbean. The civil service of Singapore has never been politically independent. What rubbish are you spouting out? You know very well that it may be so in other country, but in Singapore the civil service has always been just an instrument of the ruling party, the PAP!!!

Independent and neutral? wake up Redbean!!??!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The civil service is politicised. The worst part of the civil service are the stat boards. They are like feudal empires, with a lot of money and resources, run by hostile overloards.

I don't think the S'poreans are being fucked-over enough. I think there should be more stat boards. And more tyranny.

Yeah, bring on the show!

redbean said...

my apologies. my apologies. maybe i should rephrase myself and say the idea civil service should be....

Matilah_Singapura said...

I hate to get religious, but...

Your apologies are as true as the myth which claims that Mary was a vigin.

Anonymous said...

Do we still have civil service? I tot the name has changed to Evil Serpents long ago, no? You've not heard about it, Mr Bean? If so, you must be totally out-of-date.

redbean said...

i am glad that all of you are disagreeing with me. the question is, why are the civil servants thinking that they are so holly while some of the people think that they are evil?

maybe the civil servants would want to address this issue, take a look at the mirror.

anyway, it is just my view from a different angle.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Like I said -- and you can observe it with your very own eyes if you don't believe me.

The civil service is a collection of feudal overlords and their respective turfs.

But it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Singapore is a Hotel to me, and I'm glad that it is being run by a zealous civil service -- each evil overlord merely interested in boosting his power. This is GREAT.

I like the hotel I patronize to be run like a tight ship.