Looking for signs of progress?

After so many signs of decline, including the latest spectacle that made us infamous the world over, I am hoping for some signs of progress. Catching Mas Selamat is not one. He must be caught. I am looking at all the great works done by Boon Wan and Eng Hen on providing something for the Singaporeans when the grow old or get seriously ill. The effort is tremendous. The execution poor and the result unpromising. It would be a very different picture if what they have proposed and recommended are explained and offered to the people. Lay everything on the table and tell them, we have done our homework, these are the options available, and everyone feel free to make their own choice. The people are not stupid or stubborn or mad. They will analyse all the options and alternatives and many will make wise decisions for themselves. And they will say thank you to the two gentlemen for telling them the problems in advance and offering them alternative solutions. Their hard work and effort will be much appreciated. And both gentlemen will be seen as good ministers who are toiling for the people. Would they still insist that the people must be compelled to do what they think best and, instead of praise, receive brickbats in return? Why the stubborness to dictate to the people and not to talk to the people and treat the people as reasonable thinking people? Offering the people options and choices is the way forward, the signs of progress of a nation and its people. We have to depart from the ways of old. Those were days when the people were mostly illiterates. We need to believe in the new people of today, that they are capable of making logical choices that are good for themselves.

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