Money everywhere

With ERPs as another great source of revenue, there is money everywhere. And motorists are also 'encouraged' to use public transports, the bus companies and SMRT are going to laugh all the way to the banks. They may be crying, that they can't cope with the volume of people traffic. They would not cry because of the revenue they are collecting. Now, where are these money from the ERPs and the commuters taking public transport going to? The shareholders of transport companies must be the great beneficiaries with the govt helping to promote their services. Shouldn't some of these profits be ploughed back to the people in some ways? The increase revenue is due to govt effort and policies, not because of the effort of the transport companies. What kind of private business can get this kind of booster from the govt? Is it too much to ask for some kickbacks to benefit the commuters in reducing fares? Or are we expecting fares to go higher because of increasing demand?

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