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Notable quotes - Khaw Boon Wan

'Test will err on side of generosity' Khaw Boon Wan Boon Wan said this during his dialogue sessions attended by more than 900 people on his plans to introduce mean testing. He promised that 'Means Testing will neither be mean nor demeaning.' The abattoir claimed to kill the pigs in the most humane and painless way. That is what we were told. But this is a bad analogy. Boon Wan was telling the people that he will be as kind and generous as possible. He tried his best to persuade the people of his good intention and that the Mean Testing is to help the poor. Reminds me of the 2% increase in GST. We shall all bear witness to his assurance published in the msm. Let's see when it is eventually introduced and whether desperate people will have the book thrown into their faces. You are not qualified. Next please. You are not qualified. This is the rule. Next please.... We will only know after the rice is cooked.


Anonymous said...

When they implement something have we ever seen humane and painless outcomes. Look at the ERP, GST, privatisation of medical care etc and you know what it will lead to in time to come. Of course initially, it will be all that they promise, but the noose will tighten once they have a hold on the rope.

redbean said...

remember Hota?

Anonymous said...

I'm going off on a tangent here - but is anyone familiar with Goh Keng Swee's doomsday sayings about the collapse of the modern monetary system? Hard to locate resources about it online. It'd be nice too if people could throw in their two pence on the subject as well.

redbean said...

matilah will be a good chap to talk about this issue. he has been doing that.

just look at the way the americans are printing the dollar and the debt they are incurring. it is not sustainable. if it breaks down, the whole monetary system will go.