NKF story - Knowing shame

The scripture says, 'fearing God is the sign of wisdom.' In life, knowing shame is a sign of honesty. Richard Yong is the first member of the old NKF Board that has apologised, according to his new lawyer, and he is also asking the gullible public, who were betrayed and hurt in the course of events, to forgive him. For a person who has done wrong and asking for forgiveness is a way of acknowledging his wrongs and feeling guilty about it. At least Richard Yong has come about to know that what he had done were wrong and shameful. It is now left to the victims to forgive him. For those who have done no wrong, there is no need to apologise nor any need to ask for forgiveness. It is the fault of the gullible public to be snooked. So do not blame the clever from cheating the public. This reminds me of what the Japanese told the Sick Man of Asia that it was China's fault for being weak. For weakness invites one to be raped. It was China's fault that Japan invaded and tried to colonise it. There is no need to apologise for the invasion.

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