one child prodigy

It may be sheer coincidence or sheer numbers, but China's one child policy has been a direct or indirect contributor to the rise of prodigies in all fields, academics, arts and sports. The negative consequences of the one child ruling has often been associated with child emperors, spoilt and pampered child. Now the other positive aspect is appearing. One child, more precious, more resources allocated, more care and attention, less room for mistakes. The Chinese families have devoted everything and placed all hopes on their only child for the future. The child must succeed and all efforts are put in to see to it that the child succeed. The other formula applied by other developing countries, including Singapore, is to try their luck with as many children as possible. Hopefully one will turn out ok. But there are those who are just plain irresponsible, with no thoughts of the welfare and future of the children. They went about just reproducing without a second thought. Calling them stupid is an insult to their intelligence. No one is as stupid as that. The consequences of not being able to care and provide for them does not need any education to understand. It is simply common sense. Singapore should encourage this one child prodigy policy and educate the people to put that into practice, with a lot of state assistance, support and encouragement. No need to worry about a decline in population growth. We will import the next 2.5 million from abroad. And if the birth rate goes down, we can import more. The important issue is to bring them up well and better, to become a prodigy.

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