good news or bad news

Good News or Bad News Everytime when a new and ambitious govt plan is splashed across the News, I shivered. I fear my pocket will be burnt. All the big and world class plans like world class transport system, world class medical facilities, world class education, means the people will only have to pay more. We have heard of the wonderful facilities around the Marina, all the beautiful parks, reservoirs and canals with sporting and recreational facilities going to spring up all over the island. I like it. But I am also in fear. Who is paying for all these? More medical insurance for everyone, from Ah Ma to the cute little babies. Very good, I would say excellent. Who pays? Too much govt is going to break everyone's piggy bank. It has to be. Good things don't come free. So can we beg the govt to be less kind and less caring, and leave the people to find their own comfort zones?

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