nkf story - intermission

Intermission Yesterday was a good break. It allows everyone to reflect on the facts that were presented by Shanmugam, what had actually happened, and where to go from here. From a purely 'be successful and be admired as a talent' point of view, the two persons, or more persons that should be laughing and having a good time would be Durai, Matilda and the other defendants. They have been there, done it, and enjoyed all the good things that money and power can provide. Travel to all the nice places around the world, flew first class, enjoyed all the fine food, and meeting all the nice people, and have friends in high places. Just look at how they dressed up for their court appearances... oh mine, the cost of each suit would be enough to fill my wardrobe, oops I mean cupboard, for 10 years at least. And the newspapers printed their best smiles and best angles for all to go gaga everyday. This is real showbiz at its best. Now you know why the big smiles and the exaggerated and cultivated way of walking and gesturing. It is all for the catwalk. And the best part, there is no need to feel ashame, remorseful or even a word of apology to anyone cheated in the process. These are feelings associated with the failures and untalented. And what for when the bank accounts are stashed with cash? All they get is admiration for being so talented and so successful, and so clever, so cool, so smart looking... Legal fees, no sweat. So much money to spare. Looking for role models for successful Singaporeans or how to be successful in a modern world?

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