Myth 108

The Mother of all Myths The NKF is a stunning revelation of all the goodnesses of what this country stood for, and all came crumbling down. First you got the formula of paying high salary to avoid corruption. But $600k appears not enough. Yeah, peanuts. Otherwise the formula will still be valid. Handpicked men of ability and talent are all reliable and trustworthy. But the biggest mockery is that practically all of them knew about the first class travel. And all simply shut up. No whistle blower from within. Or like they said, all for one and one for all, like the 3 musketeers. So if one is a looter, the rest just close rank or shut up. Some would even stand up to defend the looter. And worst, the gumption to sue others who blew the whistle and made them pay fully for their 'folly' to do so. And even attempting to try for $20 million from SPH when the truth is the other way round. What kind of justice are our people faced with? Without the money to fight an expensive court case, they had to capitulate and pay damages for telling the truth! And watchdogs are a plenty. How could such a shenanigan allowed to go on for so long under watchful eyes and to deceive so many talented people, like one forum writer, Maria Loh Mun Foong asked? And the deceit would have continue to these days and none the wiser if it was not discovered by accident. Frightening facade of propriety at a level almost untouchable by the ordinary men.

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