The Mindless SPUs II

The Mindless SPUs When I posted the above article on CPF contributions the normal response I got back is that Singaporeans will squander all their hard earned money away if the govt does not lock it up for them. And when they have done that, who is going to look after them? Are Singaporeans so helpless, irresponsible, mindless, of unsound mind, to the verge of stupidity, that once they get their CPF money back they will splurge and throw their life time savings away? Who do you think created this properous country? Who raised all these young upstarts to think that their parents are old fools who cannot manage their own finances? It is very sad that Singaporeans have become such unthinking lot that they have turned themselves into nothing but Mindless Singaporean Production Units (SPU). They are trained so well to be a useful production unit in the economy but utterly helpless in looking after their own finances and old age. Does anyone know what they do with unserviceable or no longer useful production units? They will be carted away and dumped. Production units are only useful when they can produce goods and services. And now we have a nation of SPUs! Not exactly. The handful of elite will never consider themselves as SPUs. SPUs need to be managed, controlled, and programmed. That's where the elite comes in, to think, planned and managed these mindless SPUs for their own good.

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