celebrating singaporeans - Sim Wong Hoo

Sim Wong Hoo The non graduate entrepreneur who conquered the world with music and sound through his Sound Blaster Card is the new breed of successful and generous Singaporeans that we should be proud of, and bless him. He made his money through his ingenuity and perseverance. I still remembered his Cubic personal computer that was not much of a success until the Sound Card came. And he made his money not being an employee and demanding his company pay him exorbitant salary or ridiculous bonuses. He made his money from the worth of his company, Creative Technology, and the value of its shares. And he is giving them away. I have not kept track of his philanthropy but the amount donated is probably close to $100 million or more. The latest foundation which he set up to honour his mother, the Sim-Tan Siok Kee Foundation received $33 million for educations, arts, the poor and aged.

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