youth reporting

I was enthralled by the quality of the student reporters on TV. Occasionally we could see the news broadcast divided into two sections, the adult news presentation and the young student news presentation. And they were good, equally objective and factual and professional in their news and presentation. And these school children have all the latest gear, and have been trained under professionals from the media industry. Some even went on overseas stint to experience what on the spot reporting is all about. I have seen them reporting from Beijing. Now this is the most revolutionary trend in Singapore. The essence and freshness of youth. And Media Corp should be given an award for being the Most Forwarding Looking Media Organisation. This children reporting is not kid stuff. It can be for real! After all, reporting in Singapore is factual presentation of news and events. And these kids would just do that in its purest forms. No need to waste expensive resources to send brilliant scholars overseas to expensive and ivy league universities, and to pay them the salary they should be commanding if they can be replaced by young children. Why not, if reporting is just plain reporting. No need much analysis. Or analysis not required. Media Corp would have a huge saving in wage cost as children would not need to be paid that well. And quite easily to manage compare to oldies. And they have all the energy to run around gathering news. What an interesting development.

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