too many helping hands

The 'too many helping hands' syndrome raised by Denise Phua strikes a similar cord in me. With so many charities around, there is a misperception that a lot of good things were done to help the needy. I agree that many good things are being done. And also many unnecessary things are being done. And also many improper things are being done in the name of charities. But because charity is such a noble word, everyone with a little time would want to whip this charity horse as a past time. Everyone wants to start a charity, wants to raise fund for charity, wants to build hospitals, aged homes, dialysis centres and whatever in the name of charities. And the govt probably believe that with so many charitable organisations to help, it can let them share some or more of the load of helping the less fortunate. To have voluntary charitable organisations is a very good thing. it allows people who want to feel human an opportunity to show their generosity and shower love and compassion for the needy. But when charity becomes commercialised, it becomes so fake. If it goes on like what it is being pushed on TV media, soon it will become repulsive. A lot more work needs to be done to manage charitable organisations and the belief that more charitable organisations is good. Who knows, tomorrow undesirable characters may jump on the charity bandwagon to fill their own pockets. Maybe they are already doing so without being discovered.

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