schools of the future...got future or not?

I have posted an article on how the banding of schools could help to release the competitive nature of schooling and also reduces stress among the parents. With more schools being banded together as good instead of a few, it is a big relief. The social stigma of being in a lousy school can be unbearable and embarassing. While streaming and gifted programmes laid on the wayside, now a new concept is up, futuristic schools, all 15 of them. Concepts aside, how good are they in creating value and becoming relevant and useful can be discussed in a different platform. But how would another 15 schools add or lessen to the stress of parents? Will parents now see this as another in thing and their children must be in these Schools of the Future or their children will have no future to look forward to? It would be good if these 15 schools will add into the current pool of IP, Independent and top band schools to give parents more choices for their children. If we have 50 or more schools of different brands and shades to be considered good in the eyes of parents, then more of them will be happier as more children can be accommodated in these schools. Let there be more 'good' schools and more happiness around.

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