myth 75

'Many Singaporeans are having a hard time' Despite some of the posts made here that Singaporeans are not doing well, not competitive, some trying to make ends meet, Singaporeans are actually, mostly, quite wealthy. A simple means of explaining this conclusion is to use the affordability formula. At the top, Singaporeans can afford some of the most expensive housing and cars. That will surely qualifies the rich Singaporeans as very well off. At the lower end, Singaporeans also can afford almost anything, even the much complained public transport system, public health, education, public housing etc. All these are priced according to the affordability formula which has proven that Singaporeans can afford them. And there will be small increases every now and then based on affordability. And the decision is made only when Singaporeans are found to be able to afford them. So when the next round of increases come about, don't worry, the Singaporeans can afford them. So, who says Singaporeans are poor or in financial trouble when they can afford so many good things, the best education system, the best medical and health care, the best transport system, housing, etc etc. It is a myth that Singaporeans are having a tough time. At the worst, they can opt to go for cheaper foreign brides and cheaper jobs overseas. Only when it is officially announced that Singaporeans cannot afford to pay for them then it may be reasonable to say Singaporeans are having problems.

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