an american comedy

Ever since the North Korea detonated that device, I was all in stitches. I could not believe my ears to hear all the jokes that came after this incident. The first came from Hill, from the US State Department. He said that even if the North Koreans have tested a nuclear device, the US will not recognise the North Koreans as a nuclear power. So? Does it mean that if the US refused to recognise a nuclear power, that power is not a nuclear power or no longer exists? I can't believe this can come out from a senior state official? The next big laugh was the admission that despite all the satellite technology, all the monitoring stations, all the intelligence gathering, all the leading edge technology, the West did not have a clue if it was a nuclear bomb or just a lot of TNT! You mean that they did not know what the hell hits them? The best joke came from the North Koreans. They literally have the US by their balls. The North Koreans have announced that if the US is not coming back to the negotiating table, they are going to test fire a nuclear tipped missiles! Wow! How could they say that and do it? The interesting thing now is that the US has no answers to the North Koreans' antics and negotiating tactics. What's next Uncle Sam? They claimed to have all contingencies thought out but the North Koreans seem to be one step ahead of them. This latest threat of another test is something the US very likely did not think of. And John Bolton, the US Ambassador at the UN, quickly pronounced that 'This is the way North Korea typically negotiates - by threats and intimidations.' What Bolton is saying is that the US never threatens or intimidates anyone or even the North Koreans! What a joke! I can't stop laughing. It is hilarious. And he added another one, that this is a standoff 'between North Korea and the rest of the world'. Really? Which world is he referring to? I have never feel the slightest threat from North Korea. I am just enjoying the drama and excitement of how one party, a big bully, trying to impose its will on a smaller nation and expect everyone to dance to its tune. This is great fun.

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