myth 67

'It is very difficult to do business in Singapore' Who said so? There are many companies that are doing exceptionally well here. But they must know the secret formula to succeed. Actually there are two parts to that secret formula. And most companies already satisfied the first part. Yes, Privatise! So all private companies are already privatised and should have no problem. The second part of the formula is to run the company on a profit making basis. Tell the CEOs and management teams that the companies must make profits to exist. Simple isn't it. So the formula reads like this. First privatise, second make profits. And if any company still have difficulties operating as a going concern with handsome profits, they should consult some of the very successful govt companies that have been privatised eg SMRT, SBS, hospitals etc etc Just a money making idea. All these successful privatised companies should conduct courses on how to be a profit making private company. And with their track records, they should be able to charge a high attendance fee. They have a lot of success stories to tell.

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