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a malaysian joke

Wanted: Chinese teachers to teach in National Schools. Malaysia is going to import hundreds of Chinese teachers to teach Mandarin in National Schools.


marlin212 said...

What do you expect from the bunch of monkeys running the Malaysian goverment. There could be more jokes coming on the way.

redbean said...

hi marlin,

you have not been posting for a long time.

the bumiputra policy is very successful and they should not reverse what they have been doing now. according to the reports the percentage of non bumis in national schools is 10%. and if they continue with their plans it will be 0% soon. then they can celebrate the success of the national school programme.

what they are doing now, to teach mandarin and tamil in national schools, is to undo 35 years of good work.

marlin212 said...

You must bear in mind, malaysia is a multi ethnic society, policies benefiting just one race would not work.Taking for example, the form 4 history text book consist only of islamic history accept the first chapter which is on world history. There must be a hidden agenda on this because is complusory subject even for the science student. It is so boring and thus becomes a difficult subject to master but then we are so resilent, whatever is throw at us we somehow are able to manage.

redbean said...

soon it will not be.

marlin212 said...

Then your guns and tanks are most welcome.

Speedwing said...

Hi Marlin

From your postings I take it you are from Malaysia. Guns and tanks from Singapore over the causeway? I hope that will not happen. It will not benefit anyone on either side.

If you are so anti-Malaysian government, why are you still in Malaysia? Pack your bags and cross over. I am sure the Malaysian government would love to see the back of you and the Singapore government would welcome you with open arms. They need you to boost the population number.

marlin212 said...

Not supporting the govt doesn't mean that you have leave the country and that would be coward way of doing thing. Every sensible malaysian would not support this half past six govt. The majority of bumi population is just ignorant of the situation, once they are awaken, it will be gameover for the BN govt.

Anonymous said...

"Then your guns and tanks are most welcome."

On the contrary, we have been invaded by 300000 residents of malaysian origin.

redbean said...

i try my best to avoid negative comments about the north. but the recent developments are not good for national cohesion. anytime a may 13 rerun can take place.

you have a young upstart who thinks so highly of himself that he thinks he could by pass everyone to be the youngest PM of malaysia. and to achieve his aim, he is willing to play with fire.

and hishamuddin, would now have to face the challenge by trying to outdo him to see who is more ultra.

just look at how they attacked the dep education minister who exposed a corruption in the ministry? instead of dealing with the problem they are dealing with him and attacking him. now they are accusing him of stirring up racial issues.

who is the one who is stirring up racial issues to gain political capital?

singapore will not risk a war with its neighbours. we do not want a middle east scenario here. if the non bumis want to come, we accept. if they don't come we won't do anything to jeopardise our relationship with malaysia.

Anonymous said...

marlin212 said... "The majority of bumi population is just ignorant of the situation..."

Just as the majority of the citizen population of Singapore are ignorant of what our very own half-past-six govt have in store for them.

Anonymous said...

I think the non-malay population in Malaysia is basically screwed. Slowly, one by one, their rights are being taken away. Any attempt to voice their dissatisfaction or disagreement with govt policy will be turned into a racial issue. they're either going to have to accept complete malay hegemony over the entire country or move out.

redbean said...

i try to crystal ball what malaysia would be like in 2 generations. it will be like indonesia is today. all the professional and highly trained non bumis would have been gone by then. only the less mobile ones with lesser skills will be left behind.

by then the non bumi population will be 10%. malaysia will be a truly malay malaysia. no need for NEPs, no need for quotas to universities or businesses. all will be carried on by bumis.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that.