Fortress Singapore

I was in town this morning and decided to take a look at Fortress Singapore. Never seen so many uniformed and non uniformed police in one little area. All around Suntec and Raffles Hotel and Raffles City, roads were blocked and there were also gurkhas in police uniform and fully armed guarding the entrances of hotels and the main roads leading to Suntec. And of course the barricades were there. We are taking the security of the delegates very seriously. And Kan Seng did the right thing to deny potential trouble makers from coming in, until last night when 22 of the 27 deemed dangerous were also let in. Are we going to see more agitations from this dangerous lot? Have we compromise anything? The IMF-World Bank Show has been on for several years. And they have lived to love the agitators and the demonstrators. They have such a good understanding that after every protest and demonstration they will go home and come back again the next round. Very likely they know each other by name now and were friends except for having different views of things. If this is not maturity what else is. If this is not first world what else is?

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