training courses for bloggers

Bloggers need to go for courses, less they be killed. Well not in the battle field of course. But killed in different ways. Professional training for journalists have proven that it saved their lives, as quoted by anothor professional trainer. That must be the most valuable training the world can ever have. All the armies in the world should send their soldiers for such training and they will be less likely to be killed in battle. Back to bloggers training. The first advantage I can see in this is that I am going to set up a training school for bloggers and get some income. And to boost my income, all the bloggers must be licensed, issued by me. That's another source of income. Another advantage is that bloggers will, after the training, confine themselves to safe topics like food, entertainment and sports. That would raise the level of bloggers in these fields. Next is to set up a task force to enforce the rules and regulations and licencing. Now this will create more jobs. Cyberspace inspectors and cyberspace police. I strongly support the call for training for bloggers, on condition that they attend my school and the licence be issued by me. Others can take on the policing role.

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