living with truths or OB markers

Bloggers and forumers should stay away from trouble by staying within the OB markers. That is the cardinal rule. And Singaporeans accepted this as a right thing to do. Accept the OB markers without asking why. But what are OB markers? What about speaking the truths? Are truths offensive or threatening to OB markers? Should truth be not spoken if someone decides to put some OB markers around it? On the other hand humankind have been living with half truths or lies and be very happy with them because no one cares to put OB markers on them. Did Mr Brown got into trouble because he spoke half truths or because he crossed OB markers? If the case is one of half truths, would it be a civil way to tell the whole truths so that everyone is enlightened rather than to shut him up? What if he is telling the truths, maybe from his perspectives, and given the short article he could not clarify every detail, that they appear as half truths to others? And for that, or not for that, he was closed down because of OB markers? The issue is whether we should be living our lives with arbitrary OB markers imposed on us by demigods? There are obvious OB markers that everyone should avoid even if nobody says so. These are things that could cause social unrest or attacking people personally, libel etc. But if it is a case of politically correct or incorrect according to the OB marker maker, then it is a separate thing altogether. Not all OB markers are objective and good for the nation and people. Some may be good only for the OB marker maker.

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