foreigners driving our taxis

Is this a good idea? Singaporeans have this 'everything and everywhere and everyone is safe and friendly' attitude wherever they go. We have taken safety for granted especially in Singapore. I am just wondering whether it is really a good idea to have foreigners driving our taxis. The taxi, in the wrong hands, is like a little prison or contraption. Once inside, the passenger is at the mercy of the driver. I shiver at the thought of our young children and females, males included, hopping into a taxi and thinking that they will be in safe hands, to be driven home. What about being driven into some secluded spots to be robbed or raped?


Anonymous said...

redbean, the other aspect of this is the continued erosion of citizens' rights. What else is there to be a citizen for if every single facet of economic activity is now open to foreigners ?

redbean said...

what i am more concern is the way this taxi operation is being driven. don't be surprised if taxi fares will be doubled to attract more taxi drivers and the people will suffer for it, with cost of living going skyhigh.

the solutions so far mooted are as clever as the raising of erp charges when everyone know is not an answer to the problem.

as we continue, we will keep digging deeper into a bottomless pit that will eventually bury everyone of us.

today we are not seeing people solving problems. we are seeing 'solutions' that primary school kids can also think off and we paid them in the millions for them. and the problems remain unsolved.

very similar to a cancer patient being made to pay for more and more expensive medicine and treatment without any hope of a cure. the cancer is still there, and the patient is dying, and his money is disappearing.

Anonymous said...

So why are the million dollar paper pushers still around ? think about it, in the real world, if you're paid to do something and you are not up to the mark, you get shown the door. so, why don't the same rules apply to the people in power ?

Anonymous said...

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