Cyberspace and Main Stream Media

Cyberspace and Main Stream Media Mee siam mia hum made the day for bloggers and forumers which also becomes the envy of MSM journalists and reporters. Stories were spun, ringtones, jokes, poems, songs etc were added to make this simple phrase comes alive. Some were naughtly, some mischievious, but many were just poking fun for a little laugher. Everyone in cyberspace must have a say or a word on this. The poor MSM professionals must be biting their nails, wanting to have a go at it too, sharing their two cents worth. Both professional interest says otherwise. No, you can be indulging in such humour or graffitis. So they all sit back doodling on their keyboard wondering what to write. Now this is one aspect of cyberspace which MSM can never compete. Fortunately the new campaign on foreign talent kicks off and gives the MSM professionals something to talk about. Writing about the need for foreign talents and how this can benefit Singapore can never be wrong and is only politically correct. And whew, finally they got something to write about and keeps them busy. The cyberspace is also very active in this topic. But it is very clear that they both belong to different world and seeing the same issues in different perspectives. There is a very real reason why there is a need for cyberspace, just to tell a different story or looking at things from the real people. Can MSM compete with cyberspace when their coverage is limited to politically correct stuff or non political stuff?

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