the 6-8 million squeeze

With the kind of traffic jams that are increasing by the days, and with the policy change to allow more car ownership by removing COEs, how much more can our roads take before they will all clog up? With 4 million people, we are all feeling the stress, resources are stressed, road are stressed, jobs are stressed. Can we imagine how the island will look like if we are to have 6 to 8 million people? Khairy, Badawi's son in law may be right. When the people feel so squeezed, when property prices go beyond many, the lower income Singaporeans may find it a natural alternative to move into Johore, that is if they are welcomed. These poorer cousins of the rich Singaporeans cannot migrate to Australia or further. Would they eventually find the Southern Johore Corridor a welcome location and make way for other richer Singaporeans? When there are 6-8 million people in Singapore, can cars and flats still be affordable? Will there be enough jobs to go round? Or is this one of the reasons why the room size of HDB flats are getting smaller and smaller? Obviously they are not looking into a future where Singaporeans are all 5 feet tall and need lesser room to move around.

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