myth 9

'Making money is difficult in Singapore.' This has been the painful claim by many Signaporeans, that doing business and making a living here is tough. But statistics have proven otherwise. The number of Singaporeans becoming millionaire is getting more every year. And many people are calling this place a land of opportunities. And this is definitely true. I have heard from this guy telling his wife that every now and then he is happily shocked to see tens or hundreds of thousands deposited into his bank accounts. He has many bank accounts for good reasons. And he has lost track of where and why are so much money are going into his accounts. He has forgotten about all the directorship he is holding and all the directorship fees he is collecting. Too many that he cannot keep track with. Isn't that a happy problem? For those Singaporeans who are still whinning, they should approach the millionaires and ask them how they made the money so easily.

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