myth 4 and 5

Myth 4: We are better than our neighbours. Contributed by Darth Revan. Myth 5 Fortune cookies can win elections. The SDA tried it this time. And they got Potong Pasir but not the rest. Again, it is the half full or half empty theory. Those who believe in it will say it works. Those who don't will say it doesn't. Some may say fortune cookies not attractive enough as an inducement. Upgrade it to say a sweat band. Anyway sweat band serves a purpose as opposition candidates are made to sweat a lot. Or better still, have a party quartz watch with party logo on it as a souvenir or collectible. It is quite cheap to produce and can charge with a little profit as well. Along this line of thinking, many things can be given away without falling into the bribery trap. Next election will be souvenir galore time.

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