da vinci code. a follow up discussion

Below is a follow up to the above discussion posted in redbeanforum. Unless it is such an excellent lie that the average guy could not see truth from fiction, the censors should let it pass. As both of you agree, there is so much hogwash, so much fiction that people cannot mistaken it, then the human race will be hopeless if we fear that our children cannot see it that way too, and believe it to be truth. If we do not expose thrash to our children, how would they know what is thrash? If we do not think our children are well brought up to be able to discern truth from falsehood, then the whole education system and ourselves as parents have failed miserably. Then we do not deserve the honour to bring up our children. But the book or movie itself, I will treat it as a very good piece of entertainment. And it forces people to take notice of things, to be curious and to want to know more. The other day there was a documentary on Opus Dei. And they admitted that there was a rising awareness of what Opus Dei is all about and a lot of interest to want to know more. And I think it also affects various aspects of the faith and believers were forced to read up more to clear their doubts. On this ground alone, the book and movie have done a great service to broaden the knowledge of people who are interested in the subject.

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