singapore's most valued export

Singapore must think of a new strategy to jump ahead of its neighbouring countries especially China and India. Both giants have been exporting their talents to talent starve Singapore for many years. What is needed is for Singapore to return them the favour. The strategy involves retraining the cheap foreign talents into the Singapore mould of super talents, marked up their market values after they have learned all the sophisticated technology and management style from world class Singapore system, then re export them back at a premium. If these countries cannot afford to pay them the super talent salary of Singapore, the US and European markets will also be good substitutes as they will benefit greatly from our talents, passed our quality control with the Made In Singapore brand. The most marketable and recognisable brand in the world for incorruptibility, honesty and efficiency, and very focussed in profitability. And this will pay for these world class salaries. We will then have a continuous supply of super talents for the world market. And this will be our new revenue source, tapping on China and India to supply the raw material, ie raw talents, and reprocess into super talents Singapore Style. For a start we should re export some of our own truly bred local super talents to make a mark or establish a foothold first. Once the US and European markets are used to our high end talented products, it will be easier for the later batches to follow through. Recently we have seen many super talents being retired at the prime of their careers. We have talents in public transportation, public health system, union management, education, politics and the various industries. This extensive pool of experienced and knowledged based experts would be hot properties for the head hunters to market abroad...the marketing of super talents instead of super conductors...uniquely Singapore.

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