singapore idol, change the casts

The Singapore Idol should be about talent, in whatever form. Or if it is a programme to generate fun and laughter, then it should be one of pure fun. I cannot find it funny when I could not even bare the sight of the participants, contestants and judges. How then could it be entertainment? Sorry I am saying this out of my own prejudice. I know some are enjoying every minute of it. I find it difficult to see the young imitating themselves to behave like nerds and imbeciles. And to make matter worst, the imitation was so plastic. Impersonation of other celebrities is an art form that when done well can be extremely entertaining. This applies also to the judges. Their impersonation or attempt to be like the personalities in the American Idol, failed miserably. So fake by over acting. Their expression, both physical and verbal, were so unbearable to watch. It would be much better if they be themselves, be a bit like Ah Beng or Ah Lian, be more natural. Now where are the directors? When are they going to come in and tell the judges not to over act? Simon Cowell is about playing himself. And he is naturally him. I think the only guy here who can outdo him by being himself is LKY. Cool and precise in dissecting the contestants into bits. And when he said the truth, people listen. The popularity of the programme will shoot up skyhigh. Tt will also be an excellent opportunity for him to connect with the younger generation. How about that huh? Change the cast and script and bring in the number one Ah Lian, Zhong Qin as well. Did I get her name right? And maybe the nasty Flying Dutchman. I have seen him in his nasty self once at Raffles Place hitting out at an innocent viewer early in the morning.

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