sunday morning lethargy

Woke up this morning, still sleepy eyes and was immediately slammed by the Straits Times with 6 full pages of coverage on the general election. The 7th page don't count. Looks like anything worthy to be mentioned were in the 6 brightly coloured pages with happy people and smiling faces. I flipped onto the next section. Wow, pretty faces again. And only half a page. My inner self said that is all he will give me before going back to snooze. Ya, I thought, how to read 6 full pages of hard solid stuff on a Sunday morning? This reminds me of what Seah Chiang Nee told me. Keep your post short and sweet. Nobody bothers when it is too long. I visited the world of the livings, enjoyed their pursuit of the good life. High living, low thinking. Oops, my apologies. Just tickling. These are the real people whose main concern in life is whether they are invited to the next party, where to order their next designer tog. All the togs flew in first class by SIA from Paris, London and New York. Any where else is an embarassment. And the god they worship is not LKY but a Dr Woffles. Reminds me of hobbits and wizards. And their crown prince is a Dick. Now why are people so obsessed about a 20c increase in bus fare? There is a beautiful life to live. Maybe it is time to forget about all the walking zombies who can't even make ends meet. And everyday complaining about money not enough. I know what I want to do. Visit some remote regions in Tibet or China to find the secret recipe or herbal concoction to stay young and beautiful forever. Then I can make all these blessed people beautiful even for a night. And I will be their new god. Be invited to all the parties and celebrated, with everyone trying to take a picture with me. Good morning Sunday.

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