sunday is a good time for self indulgence

i had a dream last time. i was in this happy place, a paradise of sort. but eventually i realised it was heaven. everything was white, gleaming beautiful white. white is like a uniform. i too was wearing white too. then i met this grand old man, white hair and white beard. i trembled. there was this feeling of fear. but the old man said, 'fear not, for i am your god, i know you by your name, and you are mine.' and that's god himself. and he said fear not. hey, why am i taught my whole life to fear him? he is such an effable and friendly old man, all full of love. and he showed me a big expanse of high rise buildings. he said i have been allocated a unit there, high up in the sky. wow, that's great. and he handed me a key and pointed to a brand new toyota camry and said 'that's yours.' somehow i knew it was a dream. but never mind, it was a pleasant dream to enjoy even for a moment. then came a fleet of mercedes benz 300e series. and out trooped a bunch of handsome and smart looking young men and women with happy faces. so i wondered to myself that it would be good if i can have one of those benzes. god knew. and he said, they are the rabbis. i asked, 'what rabbis, or rubbish?' 'oh, they are the chosen people. they helped me to manage this place. they are the high priests.' i was getting envious. chosen people, high priests, driving big mercedes benzes. can i also be chosen? god smiled. no, many will come but few were chosen. just then a white Rolls Royce rolled in. and god said, 'ah, that' s my one and begotten son. he had suffered to save mankind. he had done my will. and anyone who done my will shall be rewarded.' i also want to be chosen, to do god's will. then i rose and returned to face life on earth, still cherishing the dream of paradise.

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