singaporeans want to be ruled

The govt is loosening its grip on political discussion and freedom of expression. Singaporeans are so lucky that this is happening. They better thank the govt for being so kind and generous, that they can now feel freer. Today, many of the ruling elite are asking Singaporeans to speak up, especially on issues during the general elections. But they cannot speak and discuss anywhere. They are only allowed to do so in specific domains and media. Or in forums or blogs that are registered with the MDA. This is like putting up a few fish tanks and allow Singaporeans to go in and swim, under watchful eyes. This is freedom of expression that is uniquely Singapore. And the best thing is that Singaporeans are quite happy with this arrangement. My personal assessment is that Singaporeans love to be controlled. They love rules and regulations and a strong govt to tell them what they can do and what they cannot rule. Otherwise they will feel so lost, so insecure. Security and predictability are very important to Singaporeans. They cannot tahan grey areas when they are forced to make judgement for themselves. Such uncertainties are bad for health. Sapping too much energy to think and to make decisions. And they will be voting strongly for a strong govt. The PAP will be getting a stronger mandate in this election. The Singaporeans will vote the PAP to power for more rules and restrictions.

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