hu jintao snub in usa

Hu Jintao went ahead with his visit to the USA and was expectedly snub. Anything that can go wrong did go wrong, from the official name of China, allowing Falungong supporter a full 5 minutes of air time to be broadcast around the world, to pictures showing Bush pinching his sleeve, and a visit that was short of a state visit that the Chinese wanted. To the Bush Administration, it was a great show, a victory of sort. They did not have to accord the Chinese leader the proper protocol he deserved, and injected a few irritations along the way. Hu Jintao went home quietly without any agreement or accord to be jointly announced with Bush. Did he bring any big gifts to the US to deliver to Bush but held back because of the lack of courtesy and protocol from the Bush Administration? Did America gain or did not gain anything from the visit? They gained in some boyish antics and one upmanship. But they could have wrangled something more substantial from the Chinese if they behave better. It could be a wasted opportunity, for the Chinese did not give anything away. Now, when Bush makes his return visit he can expect the protocol to be similar to how he treated Hu Jintao, but minus the hiccups. But he should not expect to gain anything from the Chinese either. He too will return home empty handed. When men behave like children...

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