genting international, a casino giant

genting international's $5 billion package for the marina casino makes many people salivate.. how could a little casino operator afford to fork out that kind of money in a single project, and all private fund.. not money printed by the govt.. lim goh tong is standing tall against the american and international giants in his bid for a stake in the budding casino industry in singapore and the region.. and his bid is practically all from his own group of companies.. unlike sands and harrahs or mgm who share the cost with local property developers.. this is what individual enterprise is all about.. the wisdom, the foresight, the hard work, the business acumen and a little luck and plenty of guts to put in the money, mainly his own money. no govt to nanny or to pull all the strings. the only thing bad about lim goh tong is that he is one of the statistics that provide the impetus for the 9th malaysian racist economics plan.. his assets, and the few like him, will add to tip the scale in favour of the non bumiputras as if all non bumiputras are as rich as him.. and the ambitious bumiputras all wanted to be like him or at least have his wealth by telling the govt how to take it from the country.. people who cannot create wealth or did not have the knowhow or willingness to slog for it will find the money that they grabbed without sweating for it quickly slips away.. wealth creation and making money is not simply ask and be given.. or perhaps yes, ask and be given but be lost in no time. that is what the 9th economic plan will try to do.

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