usa declares itself as the number 1 imperial power

the official release of the report on american national security strategy of the bush administration marks the beginning of a hardline policy towards china.. the stage for confrontation has been set...by the americans. what the policies amounted to are as follows: 1. it is the right of the americans to meddle in the national affairs of another country, ie interference in a nation's domestic affair. 2. it is the right of the americans to strike first at any nation if, in its own thinking and definition, decided that the other nation is hostile to the americans. 3. it is the right of the americans to maintain its world dominance by maintaining the largest armed cache, and its sole right to spend as much as it wants on its military.. and no country can challenge that or allow to spend a little fraction more than what they are currently spending without the approval of the americans.. otherwise these countries must explain to the satisfaction of the americans what they are spending on, to divlulge all their military expenses to the americans. (what a joke.) 4. that the usa is the number imperial power and it shall rule the world. all viewers are invited to my forum, www.redbeanforum.com to post your views.

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