malaysia is a beautiful country.

the johore tourist authorities are in singapore to charm singaporeans to visit johore. it is a pity that they have to go to such an extent. johore has so much charm and natural attractions that singaporeans love. it is a natural getaway for singaporeans. under normal circumstances, all johore needs is to open its door and say welcome and singaporeans will flock there everyday. there is no need to drum up campaigns and promotions to draw singaporeans. just put the house in order. make the streets safe. curb all the crimes. criminals have targetting at singaporeans as easy meat, guests in a foreign land, alone, clueless and helpless when in trouble, and no one to turn to. there have been many cases of blatant extortions and robberies. even stopping singaporeans on the road and demanding for their keys and drove away their cars in broad daylight, in front of everyone. such incidents have frightened many singaporeans away. as long as singaporeans are fearful of the risk they are exposed to, all the money and effort spent to lure singaporeans to johore and malaysia will be a waste. just do the basics, law and order.

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