stonefish and first aid

the occurrence of people being stung by the stonefish appears to be a regular affair around the main island and surrounding islands. and i was told that our hospitals did not have the antidote for it. this is quite puzzling as my encounter with the stonefish was more than 15 years ago. and they had the antidote then. it was a simple procedure once you have the right antidote. no complication, no expensive medical bills. just like a jab for flu. the stonefish is no small mean fish. it is poisonous and can kill. all our resort islands and sea related sports clubs must have the antidote on standby. i would think that sentosa, the biggest resort island, would have an emergency clinic in the island and with the antidote. the number of daily visitors are in the thousands. if a factory in jurong or in the islands can have an inhouse clinic, there is all the reasons to have one in sentosa. if not, at least an arrangement be made with the clinics in world trade centre to stock up the antidote. they need to use it every now and then. this is first aid, and a public service. i could not believe it when someone emailed me asking where on earth or in singapore can one find the antidote for stonefish. and he has been recommending sentosa to stock up on it but unsuccessful. i only hope that this is not true.

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