nkf, 3 years reserve more than enough

nkf is not a financial institution. it is not there to raise fund to keep in the kitty. the funds are to be used for the patients it is supposed to help. 3 years of reserve is more than sufficient. the public are generous and will donate whenever there is a need. with such a fat reserve, for the time being nkf shall only raise enough to cover operating expenses. and nkf shall not have wild ambition to build another 2 or 10 hospitals and tell the public it needs more money. it shall operate the charity within its means. now i can understand why everyone is trying to build more and bigger charities. if that is the case, all the hospitals shall be taken over by the charities and let the charities run all the medical services. they can even run all the public services...and ask the public to donate for it.

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