maybe singapore should thank durai

without nkf, there will be no respect for corporate governance. it will still be a form rather than substance concept. without nkf, all the hypocriscies will not be exposed. without nkf, there will be no revamp of checks and balance procedures. without nkf, singaporeans will still be as gullible as children. without nkf, many people will still be gaga over efficient, professional and highly qualified people and people with big names. without nkf, all the wolves in sheepskin will still be walking with their heads in the clouds. without nkf, people will still believe paying high salary will ensure honesty. without nkf, many people will still be sleeping. complacency. without nkf, the party will still go on. we must thank durai and nkf for the shake up and for making singapore a better place. there is this saying that your enemy is your best teacher. i am not saying that durai is anyone's enemy. it may be his karma to contribute to society in this way. on first impression there is a lot of harm. but the aftermath is a lot of good.


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Matilah_Singapura said...

Durai is not a criminal. He may be selfish or greedy, but those are subjective judgements and not the purview of state justice. i.e. he did nothing illegal.

He was acting - like a human. It is always the system which is at fault. In this case the premise was sort of "free lunch" - so therefore people got exactly what they sowed.

The universe behaves perfectly, all the time. You can't cheat an honest man.

Those hollering for "justice" are themselves to blame.

Tough shit. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Simply saying Singapore Policing System is lacking. What i mean is not real police vs thief, but of similar nature.

for examples PWD were the controller of Public Work. It act as a policeman so that Contractor (the thief) don't cheat ( steal). Similarly, HDB were the controller of the HDB flats. JTC control industrial estates etc.

Due to privatisation , many of the above organisations are either dismantled or reduced to smaller sizes. Some were converted into contractors and become thieves.

Those men heading those organisation became two heads snake. How not to be confused, one moment need to be police another moment became thief. Very confuse???

redbean said...

though many lawyers commented that there were no intent to commit crimes, difficult to prove, i disagree with them. there are ample evidence and facts to push criminal charges.

very strange. when people want to hang someone, they will go all out to find the slightest excuse, even cheating a few cents, to be good enough reasons to hang. and when people have no intent to want to hang a man, they would not find a thread of evidence even when a mountain of guilt is starring into their faces.

policing is lacking? i did said all the checks are there. but all failed. why? one reason could be like what gerard ee said, 'we were distracted.' but were there other reasons?