singapore australian union

a new malaysia or a reunion with malaysia is never going to be. both countries have gone their separate ways and have developed two different polities that are too diverse and no longer have a common platform to talk about. the common history and a common people with interlocking relations are all that is left. on the other hand, though separated by oceans and distance, there are more commonalities between australia and singapore than singapore and malaysia or singapore and the rest of asean countries. and very important, both share the same language, goals, interests and an international culture and value, and very similar govt service, legal and political systems and culture. and both are in about the same stage of economic and social development. we understand each other much better. perhaps a kind of union, similar to the european union, can be a new agenda between australia and singapore. new zealand too may want to be the next partner. all the three nations have very little to fear each other, very little contentious issues and differences and unlikely to mess up the domestic policies and stability of the other nations. a union of the three nations will be far easier to reach and can be something to look forward to.

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