singapore australia relations

hsien loong's quick apology to howard was well received and the latter also came out immediately to confirm that our relations with australia was not affected by the little hiccup. our relations with australia has never been better. we can count on many areas of common interest and collaborations. we share a common history in some way, the legacy of the british empire, we share a common language and many values. and we can compliment each other in regional and international affairs. the australians are trying to get back to the asean and east asian markets after several decades of eurocentric policies. and singapore is well place to open the doors for australia. economic and political considerations in these areas will provide numerous opportunities for the two countries to work closer to each other. our common perception and concern for terrorism, australia helping us in our military training, and we helping to explain australia's position to our neighbours. there are so much at stake and so many common interests for our relations to turn bad over a criminal. singapore should capitalise on this good relations to expand into australia, especially the northern territories. australia has plenty of land but little people. we have people but little land. our people speaks australian, oops, english, and can easily integrate into the australian society. it may be worthwhile, instead of investing in unpredictable and finicky environment, to invest in australia in farming to be self sufficient in vegetables, fruits, eggs, poultry and meat. move into northern australia in a big way, with australian approval, and the benefits are mutual. investment and development will be good for the australian economy. we can turn northern australia into our twin city. singaporeans as prs or employment pass holders in australia, employed by our own companies and also creating jobs for the australians, must be more welcome then people from unpredictable and uncommon background. looking into the future, half a million singaporeans in northern australia, commuting daily by our own airlines, from home to office and back in the same day. this will relieve us of the pressure on our land and limited resources, and singaporeans who love the big space and country would find australia a nice alternative. we can then comfortably think of a 8 million population, half in australia and half in singapore.

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