ns photos on the blog

mindef has taken actions to remove photos of nsmen and their training stints in the blogs. it may affect the exuberance and enthusiasm of nsmen who are proud to share their experience and time during ns. but it is a necessary step to be taken. so far mindef has been handling the issue quite sensitively and sensibly without ploughing down everyone along the way. the bloggers have been informed and told to take the pictures down. they need to be vetted and clear before posting. now that is only proper and the right thing to do. we have seen mindef maturing and handling such affairs professionally and respecting the views of the affected nsmen. there are dangers of unintentional leakage of vital information from photos. no one, without carefully scrutinising what is being shot and posted, would know that they have inadvertently done harm to the services and even to individuals. we do not know what the other parties are looking for or intending to do with the photos and information available. during the cold war years, the russians and the americans were very active in taking pictures of anyone they came into contact with. a seemingly innocent picture taken with a tourist or in a social setting could turn out differently after being doctored. and with today's technology in image creativity, you can't imagine what can be done. in the sinister world of espionage, in our war on terrorism, it is better to be careful than be sorry.

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