musa hassan, deputy police chief of malaysia

musa hassan actually defended the police constable's humiliation of another human being as standard police procedure. if this is acceptable to a presumed innocent till proven guilty civilian, then abu ghraib should be prefectly ok as the americans were fighting a war. how could the meaning of human decency be corrupted to such an extend that such disgusting acts are seen as acceptable by a deputy police chief. no wonder they beat up a deputy prime minister in their custody. anwar should be the man to clean up such an obnoxious system approved by these disgraceful men. if musa is on the other side of the fence, would he agree if his wife and daughters be similarly dealt with in america during a social visit? the outrageous part is that musa hassan put the blame on the person who filmed the video and wanted him arrested. what was in his mind, coverup and continue with such abuses as long as nobody knows about it? is he running his own concentration camp of human rights abuses? he needs to be sacked immediately.

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