the media is a national institution

just to add to ho kwonping's ambiguous statement on the role of the media, i think it would be easier to define the role of the media if we understand it as a national institution. like the govt and the civil service, the uniformed services etc, all are national institutions and must think nation first. they will only be seen to have served their roles, and be seen as responsible organisations, if their actions are justified from the perspective of the people and the nation. should there be a conflict between nation and govt, then national interest is supreme. if the media, and all the agencies are clear on this point, then there need not be so much confusion. apparently ho kwonping is still a bit confused. under the same reasoning, all political parties down to every citizen, must think nation first and act accordingly. acting for the nation's interest is the highest honour for any individual or organisation. only then can the nation survive and weather through whatever crisis as a single entity, with all acting as one, sharing the same objectives and goals. national interest is selfless as compare to selfish individual or group interest.

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