malaysian police and china girls

after the anwar episode when the police chief thought it was ok for him to beat up a deputy prime minister, is there anything else that can be more shocking? after that embarrassment, when senior police officers no longer uphold the law but became pawns of politicians, many may think that there will be some soul searching and a transformation of their roles vis a vis the people. but it seems that the rot continues. and this can only come from a lack of leadership, a lack of moral and ethical values being instilled into the officers and rank and file. the revelation of the tape on how the malaysian police treated the chinese girl is just indescribeable. even if she is an illegal immigrant, even if she is involved in undesirable trades, she is only a suspect, is there a need to strip her naked, and made her do ear squat ala the americans treating the iraqis. and with the verses of the koran blaring in the background as if to exorcise the devil. is the job of the police to ill treat and punish would be offenders of the law before the due process of the law? it only reflects a very backward kind of thinking behind the police officers involved, like the feudal days, or in some little fiefdoms in the middle east. that was how people were treated there and then. or like in guantanamo. the americans were no better. so the malaysian police can shake hands with the americans and waltz in their own hall of shame. it is unbelieveable that human beings can allow themselves to treat another human being that way all because they are given some authority over another human being. rightly badawi saw the issue as something very sick in the malaysian police force and has personally intervened to right the wrong. he even sent a minister immediately to china to apologise for the misdeed. we need decent men like badawi to bring some sense of goodness into a society of misplaced values.

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