the irony of immigration

many migrants moved to europe, canada, the usa and australia because they wanted that kind of good life. but they forgot that that kind of good life expects them to adopt a different social and work culture, a different way of life and a different set of value system. they only thing that by going there they will be able to live like the white europeans. what these migrants could not understand is that they must be like the white europeans to live like them, to have the same kind of motivations and aspirations. unfortunately, they don't. they went to these countries and still wanted to be what they were, continuing with their own ways of living, and building their own ghettos, just like home. and then they became unhappy. for whatever reasons which they could not understand, or understood but too stubborn or rigid to change, they were hardly better off than they were before. and problems start. and they demand to be left alone, maintaining their old systems and values, and lifestyles. why go to these countries in the first place if they insist on being what they were? didn't they know that going to an adopted country one needs to adopt a new way of life, and accommodate or adapt to the host country and not the other way round? it is not simply acclimatising to the weather. didn't they want the new kind of affluent lifestyle? if they want to move their own villages to the western world, shouldn't it be better to remain in their home countries? and the host countries also did not bargain for these kinds of immigrants. they thought the immigrants wanted to be like them. they were painfully wrong and are going to pay a heavy price for it. france and britain are paying now.

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