the govt is listening

there is a thread in the ypap forum asking 'does the govt listen?' i think it is listening. or at least in some places. take for instance the nkf issue. it listens and it acts. though the public may still be angry and accuses the govt of acting too slowly and taking too long to disclose its finding, it listens. then the people's unhappiness with the astronomical cost of car ownership. so the coes and prices of cars are coming down to facilitate ownership, but the people must still pay for usage. then the public cannot complain about high car prices. but still not low enough. those days when a second hand car can be had for $3,000 or a new ford escort for $5,600 when a fresh graduate's salary was $1,300. and the people's complain that the govt is treating the foreigners better than singaporeans. so foreigners now will not be subsidised for medical fee at govt polyclinics. govt hospital subsidies will also be cut. and this will affect prs too. but the cost of singaporeans using medical facilities still remain the same. with the economy not doing so well the govt is setting up comcare and workfare to help the people. on the other hand the govt is doing so well with their investments that it is willing to share the profits with the people. and buangkok station is opening! but this one got nothing to do with the govt listening. it is a business decision. then, does the govt listen? in many areas it still chooses to close its ears, eg cpf, public transport fares, hdb prices, foreign talents....maybe i amend this. it is listening but not responding or not changing its policies or rulings.

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