chee soon juan called for global protest

chee soon juan is calling howard to lead an international protest on the hanging of an australian drug trafficker. what good does this internationalising of the hanging of a criminal going to do to chee soon juan's political career? is he courting recognition to prepare him for the next general election? or is he fighting a personal battle with the pap? though many singaporeans may be compassionate to the plight of this drug trafficker, many also understand the harm he is causing, and our law on drug trafficking. the death penalty for drug traffickers is as institutionalised as national service for our men. we know the law and we know that it is something we should stay clear and far away from it. but do we want our laws to keep drugs away from our shores be undermined by all the drug traffickers and their supporters? would singaporeans view chee's position as a plus for his righteousness and compassion? or will singaporeans look at him as an unthinking opportunist, recklessly taking on any issue that crops up? will he gain more credibility from this or do himself and his party more harm? the implications of going soft on drug traffickers is a subtle way of saying it is ok. not that singaporeans are murderers and cherish hanging another man. maybe the govt should put up a huge banner at all the immigration points begging all drug traffickers to stay away from singapore. and maybe the govt should put up a worldwide advertisement to beg the whole world and their govt to tell their people not to bring drugs here. it is very painful and makes us look so merciless and barbaric to take people's life. please help us not to do it. singapore must go down on its knees and say 'please please don't come here.'

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